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Nội dung kinh doanh


" We connect people and create a future where the world can be together. "



CommaTalk is an interpreter who can speak 88 languages. Connects you and the world.

We connect you and the world with translations in 88 languages. Even if you send a message to someone in a different language, the other person will be translated and displayed in their first language. 88 languages are available, and communication between different languages is possible. With the built-in voice function, the text spoken to the smartphone can be read in another language, so it can be used for real-time conversation. Group chats are also available in three or more languages.



We promise to support your communication.

ⅭommaTalk is a next-generation application that supports 88 languages, the most supported languages among ‘free translation apps’. It also supports voice functions and is translated quickly, accurately and safely, making it easy to travel abroad, do business, and communicate with foreigners. Document translation is also available immediately, providing convenience.



It guides you into a world without borders.

Humans as one! Earth as one!

▷Based on GPS, “location can be checked anywhere on the earth.”

▷Using SNS, “you can make friends with foreigners anywhere in the world.”

▷Using PAY “You can pay with CommaPay for anything you buy on the planet”

It guides you into a world without borders.



Eliminate currency borders.

COMMA PAY (CM PAY) integrates payments from countries around the world through cryptocurrency technology. CommaTalk will remove the borders of money.